Wind Storms That Knock Down Trees Can Lead To Large Property Repair Bills

By | August 1, 2013 | Contractors, Insurance

Wind storms, hurricanes, and tropical storms can cause significant property damage. Property damage can results from flooding that comes into the house or structure, and large property damage can results from fallen trees. Wind damage is frequently the result of tropical storms and other major weather events. Fallen trees are often cited as the most expensive damage that a storm can cause. A home owner who has a fallen tree on a real estate property will require that this damage be repaired quickly and thoroughly in order to prevent further damage to the home or structure.


Wind storms frequently cause fallen trees. Trees that fall into a home’s windows or fall on a house roof can create significant damage and a large repair bill. The tree branches will need to be removed quickly in order to repair any open structural damage to the house. Fallen tree branches can be on the driveway or in shrubbery as well. The fallen tree branches need to be cut and hauled off in order to begin any restoration that the structure or building needs.


Large property repair bills can result from fallen trees after a wind storm. Property repair bills can include the removal of any tree branches and fallen debris. The following are the additional steps that may be needed after removing the tree branches from a wind storm event:

1. The insurance company needs to be contacted if this step has not been completed. Any before and after pictures can assist the insurance adjuster with any large property claims.

2. The roof needs to be inspected if the fallen tree landed on the house roof. Any roof damage needs to be addressed quickly since further damage can be caused by water entering the home. Plastic tarps may need to be placed over the roof holes if this type of damage has occurred.

3. The restoration process needs to begin quickly. Roof holes need to be repaired or a new roof section may need to be built. Interior wind damage to the home’s electrical system needs to be inspected. Any damage to the home’s plumbing needs to be assessed. The repairs of the electrical system or the plumbing system needs to begin quickly for the house to be habitable.


Wind storms can cause trees to fall. This type of significant property damage can lead to large property repair bills. These house expenses can be caused by roof damage from fallen trees, interior house damage of the electrical or plumbing systems, damage to the interior of a home due to water and mold issues, and significant damage to automobiles parked and damaged from fallen trees. A home owner’s insurance policy frequently covers claims from wind and storms. Each policy is unique and should be carefully examined for the types of claims that are accepted.

Immediate tree removal is often a request after a wind storm has knocked down trees in an area. Significant property damage and outages can occur after this type of weather event. Weather disasters such as wind storms, hurricanes, tropical storms, and tornadoes can create large property repair bills from fallen trees and debris. Significant property repair is frequently needed

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