What Companies Remove Toxic Mold from Homes

By | September 11, 2016 | Contractors, Improvement

Mold removal company is the company you should hire to remove toxic mold from your property. They are equipped with the physical tools and chemicals to eliminate the mold from the area. They also know what they should do to make sure the mold won’t grow back.

Mold removal consultant is hired by the owner of the property to assess the mold damage situation and give you recommendations on the actions they should take to remove the mold. There are also mold companies that specialize in mold testing service. Mold testing service involves taking an air or surface sample in the mold growth area and examining it to see if it is toxic.

If you urgently need to have the mold removed, you should hire the emergency mold removal company. They can quickly test the mold sample and have the mold removed immediately. Some mold companies offer post remediation testing where they will test the space that used to have the mold growth after the mold removal to ensure that the mold won’t come back.

You can determine the reputation of a mold removal professional by its certifications including MRS, CMR and CMRS certifications. MRS certification is awarded to a mold removal professional that has sat for the exam and pass the basic requisites for obtaining the state license. CMR certification is awarded to a mold removal professional that has at least 2 years of experiences in removing mold indoor. Mold removal professional that holds a CMRS certification has at least 5 years of experiences in removing mold.

You must find out from the mold removal company the number of mold removal projects they had undertaken in the past year. A reputable company will surely have undertaken a lot of projects recently and in the past year. You can ask the company to show you some references about their most recent work. In addition, you should also ask them about their hourly rate and payment terms. It is important to never make any upfront payment for the mold removal job.

You can check the reputation of the mold removal company by calling Better Business Bureau or Bureau of Consumer Protection. You should obtain written estimates from 3 – 4 mold removal companies. All the companies that send you written estimates must be bidding on the same type of job descriptions.

The contractor should come to your home to perform the inspection and give the estimate instead of casually giving an estimate on the telephone. It is best to choose a company that can offer free estimates. After obtaining several estimates, you can compare the prices and get the best company to work on removing the mold in your property.