Tips For Researching Home Improvement Contractors For Your Next Project

By | May 15, 2015 | Contractors

If you have to replace the siding on your home and have opted to hire a professional to do it that brings up one all important question. How do you pick the right professional for the job? The simple short answer is you have to do your research and dot your I’s and cross your T’s. If you choose the wrong professional you may end up finding out they are not so professional. If you choose wrong you could be left like my Uncle who paid half up front to get his siding done then never heard from or saw the siding company again as they simply ran off with his money. Or you could end up like the gentleman down the street who ended up with siding that was installed so poorly it fell apart about 30 months later and cause massive water damage to his home.


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Before hiring a professional you should consider what type of siding you want installed, as there are different types each with their own pro’s and con’s. You should also look into what the best method of installation is and then research which contractors are capable of performing the work.

General advice which I will provide goes for hiring any professional for work on your home, not just siding installation. You should always obtain at least 3 bids, never jump on the first offer that comes your way no matter how hard the contractor spins what a deal it is. My father who is 80 years old was nearly ripped off by nearly accepting an offer from a high pressure salesman who claimed it was a bargain rate, it turned out the price the salesman offered was several thousand dollars higher than the offer my father settled on with another provider. Part of your contractors price will include the cost of materials so you should call suppliers to figure out your materials cost ahead of time as it pays to enter negotiations armed with as much knowledge as humanly possible.

Your chosen contractor should have a physical business location else this is a sign they are a fly by night company or scam artist and you should verify the physical address. You also want to inquire if they are fully insured with complete coverage. If your contractor has good standing with a trade association this is a good sign about their work and ethics. The length of time a business has been up and running should be a factor here as well as companies who have been around awhile are more often the safer bet. You should also ask for references as you are trusting this professional with not only your home but also a sizable cash investment.

Several websites can help you in your search for a reputable contractor. One is Angies List. Angies List only offers highly rated companies to offer services through Angies List, and you can see reviews left by real members of Angies List to get a feel for the quality of work as well as customer satisfaction of the customers who have done business with that contractor. As a benefit Angies List members are often given exclusive discounts on services. Angies List however has a subscription based fee. Another website you can use is which is free, it lists if a business is BBB accredited or not, how long they have been in business and the average project cost as well as a write up and review of the business and contact information.