Our yards are the most commonly viewed part of our homes. Shovels and rakes are common tools in our sheds, but many other tools exist to maintain a nice looking yard.Lawn Mowers
Lawn mowers use a rotating blade at a set height to cut grass to a uniform length. Mowers are available in riding and push mower styles. Both styles allow for mulching and bagging of clippings (mulching mowers continue to cut clippings until they are tiny, when they are left on the ground for fertilizer). Push mowers are available with self-propelled features and are available with gas or electric power. Reel mowers, with a series of blades around the rotating reel, are still manufactured to operate without gas or electricity.

Trimmers cut vegetation in areas that require precision or are inaccessible to a lawn mower. Typical applications of trimmers are around trees, flower beds, and fences. A trimmer head rotates at a high speed, using a nylon rope or a blade to trim. They are available in gas and electric models. Manual trimmers are available that operate similar to scissors.

Edgers trim vegetation that grows over sidewalks and driveways. An edger has a guide that traces the edge of the sidewalk, allowing rotating cutting blades to cut everything in its path. These are available in gas, electric, and manual models.

Power Washers
Power washers attach to a spigot and pressurize water with a pump for washing siding, yard furniture, sidewalks and driveways, and vehicles. A second hose is used to draw in soap to mix with the water. Power washers will apply a soap and water mix, and then can be adjusted to apply high pressure water to rinse soap and debris off the surface. There are a couple of tips to optimize the use of a power washer. First, when cleaning siding, use a brush to scrub the surface after applying the soap and water mix. This helps conserve water and will clean heavier stains much easier. Second, use a squeegee to dry windows after power washing to eliminate streaks. Always rinse from top to bottom and be careful when cleaning near the ground to prevent dirt spatter on a clean surface and damage to landscaping. Careful attention should be paid to a power washer to ensure nobody is harmed by high pressure water.

Rototillers are great tools for preparing soil for planting of gardens or grass. They quickly break up hard soil and large areas without the time and effort required with a shovel. Rototillers also are used to mix in fertilizers and compost after application to raw soil. In addition to gas powered rototillers, manufacturers now have smaller manual tools similar to a rototiller for flower and vegetable gardens that easily maneuver around planted items.