Household appliances assist our cleaning and quality of living on a daily basis. Some regularly used key appliances are listed below.

Washing Machines
Washing machines are not new, but their technology has improved. Two styles of washing machines exist: top loaders and front loaders. Both are capable of washing clothes using multiple cycles and water temperatures that best suit your product. Front loading washers do not have a center agitator because gravity pushes clothes towards the walls while cycling. Front loading washers require less water and soap to clean clothing, saving money over time. Both styles of washing machines offer steam settings to steam clean clothing.

Dryers are available in gas and electric models. Dryers have multiple cycles and heat settings to properly dry your clothes. Newer dryers offer steam cycles for odor and wrinkle removal, while the majority of dryers offer wrinkle-guard settings that cycle the dryer after completion to warm and move clothing and prevent wrinkles that arise from idle sitting in the dryer.

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers help maintain a comfortable living environment. Both are available as stand alone units, but humidifiers may be added to a furnace to provide moist heat. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers alleviate some allergy symptoms and promote easier breathing.

Vacuum cleaners come in three styles: upright, canister, and central systems. An upright vacuum cleaner is a unit with the handle, container, and vacuum head assembled as one unit. They are easily maneuvered and convenient for use. Canister vacuums use a hose to connect the stand alone canister to the vacuum head, allowing the head to move independent of the canister. Canister vacuums possess greater suction because the design allows for a larger vacuum pump (weight of the canister is independent of the head, unlike an upright vacuum). Central vacuum systems use a vacuum that is stationary in the home. Vacuum hose ports are distributed throughout the home for connection of the hose. Each of these ports is connected to the central vacuum. Central vacuums offer the best suction of the three. They are also quieter and cleaner to operate throughout the home.

Carpet Cleaners

Portable carpet cleaners use warm water or steam to clean carpets. They are similar to vacuums as they are sold in upright or canister models. Both cleaners use a detergent mixed with water to clean. Heads with fixed or moving brushes scrub the carpet to loosen and lift dirt and odors. A vacuum head sucks the water and dirt from the carpet. Carpet cleaners are made in smaller sizes for spot cleaning and furniture.