Windows are a common way to change the look of your home and improve the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning units. The advancements made in windows over the last thirty years are significant, with double paned glass and materials like fiberglass, vinyl, wood, and aluminum creating long lasting and easy to maintain windows that are enjoyed for years.

Double Hung
Double hung windows are the traditional windows most people have in their homes. A double hung window has two sashes that slide up and down. Newer windows allow both sashes to unlock and tilt inside to allow cleaning of the entire window inside the home (no more ladders to clean the second floor windows), creating a safer and easier to clean environment.

Double Sliding
Double sliding windows are identical to double hung windows, except the sashes will slide left to right instead of up and down. Because of their similar design, they are as easy to maintain as double hung windows. Double sliding windows are a good choice when your window is longer left to right than it is up and down.

Casement windows contain a single sash that opens by turning a handle. These windows allow for view without interruption of the sash frames present in double hung windows. The difference with a casement window is the screen is now inside the house and needs to be removed to clean the window. The outside of a casement window cannot be easily cleaned from inside the home.

Picture windows are large windows that do not open. They are designed to give a large view from your home, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty around your house. These are especially enjoyable when viewing wooded areas or bodies of water, as they allow panoramic sight lines to your outside environment. Because they do not allow for ventilation, picture windows are often coupled with double hung or casement windows to allow for ventilation in the room.

GardenAdding a garden window is like adding a small greenhouse to your home. Commonly, these are added to kitchen windows and extend one to two feet outside the wall, allowing space to grow fresh herbs that are ready for cooking. Garden windows may have casement windows on each side to allow for ventilation, and the base of the window is prepared for dirt and water, eliminating the need for potted plants. While the primary focus of a garden window is the kitchen, they may be added to any room in the house where you may want a flower bed for year round enjoyment.

Bay & Bow Windows
Bay and Bow windows are very similar in function but have slight variances in design. Both style windows are used in picture window settings and extend slightly outside the home. Both provide an area for a ledge for storing photos, plants, or decorations, with larger windows offering an option for seating. The difference in the windows is the geometry. Bow windows are shaped in a smoother arc, while bay windows have corners. Both windows may contain casement windows for ventilation.

Glass Block
Glass block windows are assembled using multiple glass blocks adhered together. These windows are typically used in basements because the multiple blocks are difficult to be entered through. For this reason, glass block windows are not to be used in bedroom windows because they do not allow escape in an emergency. These windows offer ventilation squares and come preassembled to your home. An additional use of glass block windows is inside your home as a shower wall or other dividing wall in your house. They are not easily looked through so privacy is maintained, but they can be illuminated to decorate your house.

Skylights are often added to allow natural light to illuminate living or bathroom space. The typical skylight may be similar to a casement window, but new skylights are round and appear similar to recessed lights in your ceiling.

Doorwalls allow expansion of your living space outdoors. When coupled with a deck or patio, they couple that area with your internal living area during nice weather. The advantage of a doorwall is year round. During warm weather they are large double sliding window and year round they are large picture windows.