Outdoor furniture expands our living environment. Outdoor furniture is weather resistant, easily cleaned, and easily stored when not in use. A variety of furniture, described below, enhances entertainment and relaxation possibilities.Patio Sets
Patio sets are available in sizes and configurations appropriate to any deck, patio or porch. Traditional umbrella tables and chairs are great for eating meals and socializing as they allow for seating of many people. Bistro sets create intimate seating areas for two people in large and small areas, such as a front porch and garden. Bistro sets have a small table that matches the chairs. A variety of furniture configurations are available to outfit a patio or deck like an indoor living area.

Hammocks are a comfortable way to nap outdoors on a nice afternoon. Hammocks are suspended by a frame specifically designed for the hammock or by attaching it to two anchored items, such as trees. Ensure your hammock is properly anchored to safely enjoy it.

Benches, Swings and Gliders
Benches, swings, and gliders provide relaxed seating in multiple areas of the yard. Benches provide seating and decoration in gardens and patios. A bench may be the focal point of the garden. Swings and gliders may also be in the garden, but they are well suited to porches and areas of high traffic. All three are available in many styles that best suit the d├ęcor of the area.

Potting Benches
Potting benches are functional and decorative outdoor work spaces. They are a convenient area for working and storing yard tools as well as serving an aesthetic purpose created by their visiblity in the garden. Decorating a potting bench with potted plants adds extra dimensions to a garden and provides an excellent way to display prized plants. They are extremely versatile pieces of furniture.

Serving Carts and Bar Furniture
Serving carts and bar furniture add a finishing touch to any outdoor area. Bar furniture provides a natural congregation area for people to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Small tables and chairs allow for informal seating and a bar area easily serves food and beverages. Serving carts are extremely versatile and allow for cold and warm storage. These carts are easily cleaned and easily moved to best serve guests.