Rustic décor is very primitive and simple in design and appearance, taking us to a simpler time where function and economy were stressed over luxury and lavishness. Rustic décor is prevalent in rural vacation and resort areas, as it lends to a relaxed and easier pace of life that highlights nature and our surroundings. Whether the design favors the cabin in the woods or the western cattle ranch, rustic décor takes us to that simpler time

Modern rustic furniture may be manufactured by hand or mass produced, but the end result is similar: furniture from a bygone era. Wood is the dominate material in this furniture, allowing as primitive and rustic an appearance as desired. Wood may be processed into boards and planks or may be cut to length and maintain the appearance of the log. The key to rustic furniture is texture, not the smooth appearance of modern or traditional furniture. Cushions and pillows are used to create contrast to the texture and add comfort to the furniture.

Rustic decorations are quite simple in materials and manipulations. Arrangements of dried flowers placed in containers or hanging as a bouquet on the wall quickly achieve a rustic flair. Pinecones are another inexpensive decorating tool, as they are easily stacked in a bowl or arranged on any flat surface. Old household items are often displayed in a functional arrangement in rustic décor. Rustic décor is easily achievable through an abundance of natural and vintage items that are affordable and easily obtained, with some as easily obtained as walking in the woods.

When selecting accent pieces for rustic décor one thought should be prevalent: simplicity. Rustic furniture was simple and functional because of the limited resources of the times, so every accent piece had a function. Tables were used for meals and games and a fireplace provided light, warmth, and the ability to cook food. Cedar chests are an excellent multi-functional accent piece, as they provide storage as well as decoration. Many modern choices are available when selecting rustic décor that contribute to the theme while providing modern functionality.

Rustic décor is filled with warm, simple colors. Greens, browns, and other warm colors are abundant with rustic design. The key is simplicity. Nature provides a wide color pallet and rustic décor utilizes each color as intended. Use the color as intended; select natural accents and decorations that provide a splash of color and brighten a room.