Country décor creates a warm and friendly casual environment that invites relaxation. The freedom in country décor allows the decorator to place individual style into the home. Country décor has five common facets that promote individuality and flexibility.Collections
Collections are prevalent in country décor. Collected items, ranging from pots and pans to ceramic figurines to quilts, are displayed in an orderly manner to the decorator’s preference. These items may be new purchases, family heirlooms, or garage sale pieces, but they display our personality and our history. Like our families, collections take time to develop and we invest our time and energy into growing them. Collections are flexible enough for display in any room.

Layering country décor provides a level of comfort and warmth as it introduces patterns and textures that reflect our personality. A quilt provides a good example of layers, as each square has its own color and texture as well as meaning, and is combined with other squares in the quilt to show personality. Similarly, country décor allows the designer to mix and match different items in a single area to reflect their personality in one room. Uniformity is not critical with country décor, but expression and warmth are.

Country décor utilizes bright and airy colors that bring the outdoors inside. While a variety of colors are available, bright colors that accent life and personality are encouraged. Country décor is about individual style and creativity, and color promotes expression.

Flowers, whether freshly cut, planted, or dried, integrate the sights and smells of the outdoors inside. Flowers use the first three facets of country décor very well. As a collection, a flower type used throughout the home adds color and commonality. Different kinds of flowers – both fresh and dried – add layers and texture to our home. Flowers quickly and easily add color to any room.

Country décor achieves comfort through relaxation and familiarity. Familiarity is achieved because country décor is personalized and we are surrounded by items that are significant to our lives and family. Familiarity allows us to relax. Color and flowers also contribute to relaxation.