Contemporary modern décor constantly changes with the times. What is modern today will become traditional or classic in a matter of time, giving some modern design an old feel. Certain characteristics are common of modern design, no matter the vintage of the furniture.Focal Points
Contemporary modern décor utilizes focal points in each room. Commonly, this focal point is a television set, but the focus may be a piece of furniture, art, or a window. Smaller items are added to the room to accentuate the intended focus. Designing with focal points makes economic sense because one large item is required instead of a multiple items of equal value.

The triangle is a key design element in modern décor. In order to determine the location of the triangle, follow your eyes to establish the natural focal point of the room. The focal point triangle is created by the arrangement of art or photographs on the wall. Remember, with modern décor several smaller pieces are used for decoration rather than large pieces. Clustering these smaller pieces achieves the desired result in a clean, geometric pattern.

Modern furniture uses very clean lines and simple colors. Simplicity and efficiency is stressed over patterns and lavishness. Loud colors are not used, but simple, understated colors like cyan and aqua. Furniture tends to be simple and right sized rather than oversized with extra cushioning. With modern décor, less is often more.

Modern décor stresses originality. Unlike other decors, there is no true template to follow to achieve a desired outcome. Modern décor demands creativity and a sense of what is current and now to create and individual result. Instead of relying on recommendations rely on your spirit of originality and your visual appeal.